28 June 2014

Our idea for the wedding was to have a simple and relaxed event that celebrated the coming together of our friends and family.  We weren't interested in white-gloved waiters or matching dresses or fancy silverware.  The one adornment that we chose to decorate the event was flowers.  And how could we not when our big day was to take place on the family farm, a farm that specializes in hydrangeas?  And oh' what flowers they grow, I have talked about this in posts past and you can see them in the photos here, but the flowers that are grown on the farm, the same flowers we used to decorate our tables and tent and bouquets and boutonnieres, are spectacular.  There are not enough words to describe them.  

Months ago I had discussed with my mother-in-law-to-be color arrangements and likes and dislikes, but from the day before the wedding up to the walk down the aisle, I was forbidden from seeing the decorations or partaking in any of the preparations.  They wanted to surprise me with the splendor.  And oh did they.  With every color of flower imaginable and little chalkboard signs displaying the nationalities present at the event, and tables just covered in arrangements, it was a fairytale come true.  

photos by Rob Stokes


  1. It was a cornucopia of color and beauty! Go Chile!

  2. Greatest Wedding I've ever attended