16 September 2014

Bienvenidos a Valdivia.  After one million hours of travel, the gatitos and I finally made it.  Our little family has been reunited, at the end of the world.  We now reside in southern Chile, the jumping off point to Patagonia and los Andes.  A land with tiny deer and giant trees, sea lions who hang out at local markets, and seasons in reverse.  I have gone back in time, transitioning from summer's end to the beginning of spring.  The mornings are chilly and the trees have just started to produce tiny blooms.  The world around me is very different from where I was just a week, month, and year ago.

My first day here, Pablo and I drove out to the coast.  We followed the road along the river's edge until it opened up to the great big Pacific.  It is very strange to be twenty minutes from that beast of an ocean.  We stopped, to enjoy her grandeur, and also to find some lunch.  We had been told to look for a little house that is half falling off the land into the sea.  There you will find delicious empanadas.  Filled with all manner of sea creatures.  We ordered the recommended Cochayuyo, Jaiba, and Lentejas.  Four filled with seaweed, four filled with crab, and four with lentils and cheese.  They, and the view, were spectacular.

Pebre de Cochayuyo

Crab Empanada


  1. How wonderful on all counts! Glad you are a family again. Pablo looks marvelous! Love M

  2. I am very happy for You and Pablo. I am sorry that You have to eat seaweed...just kidding, I would eat it if it was available.

  3. Well, those look amazing. Let's go there when I come to town.