15 October 2014

We aren't in Saudi anymore Totto.  It gets cold in southern Chile.  But luckily we have a nice little wood burning stove to heat things up.  Our house, like almost all others here, doesn't have central heat.  As they say, heat your house with wood and you will warm twice.  Once when you chop it, once when you burn it.  Which is no joke.  It will be 40F/10C outside and Pablo will be in a t-shirt, tossing that axe.  I have to say though, when I first heard that our house didn't have heat, and then I checked the average weather in Valdivia, I was worried.  Not because I have never experienced the cold, no, winter in Indiana is cold enough to freeze the balls off a pool table.  But not inside our houses!  With the thermostat set to 75, its summer all year round.  But now, after over a month in Chile I see that the wood stove is great.  Not only does it heat the house extremely fast (though maybe this wouldn't be so with more than 700sq/ft and good German insulation techniques), its romantic, and it produces dry heat.  With living in the rainiest spot on the planet, this last one is pretty important.  If you heat your house, but it is still humid, good luck trying to stay warm.  

So, I, and the cats, are hooked.  We sit by the fire (or in some cases under the fire) and listen to the wood crackle and pop while the rain pours down outside.  Couldn't be cozier :)

Loco laying on top of the wood under the stove!


  1. Very cozy! We just started turning on my mom's stove (gas) and it's the best excuse ever to curl up with a book or knitting project.

  2. Loco sleep on logs...he truly is crazy.

  3. Granpa Cornball will be proud of: "Cold enough to freeze the balls off a Pool Table"