16 November 2014

i thought I'd share with you the final photos of the honeymoon that I have floating around my desktop.  

The cold mountain air of Huilo Huilo seems far away at this point.  Summer has finally arrived to Valdivia.  Today, Pablo and I are lounging about the house, trying to catch a cross breeze as we recover from yesterday's festivities.  Yesterday, we hosted another barbecue and ended up staying up well into the wee hours of the morning, drinking Chilean wine, eating clams fresh out of the shell, and conversing in all manner of languages while counting the southern stars.  With the change of season, I can much better appreciate the concept of the Asado.  Instead of freezing our feet off standing around a fire waiting for some meat to cook, we can now act more civilized and lay the picnic blanket under a tree and enjoy a fine spread with some fine folks.  As is often the case with hosting, I did not take a single photo of the event but let it be said that it was a picturesque evening of delicious food and young people enjoying each other's company.  No doubt there will be more Asados to come, I'll try to share more in the future.


  1. that waterfall! ahhh!! swoon! such a beautiful place, perfect honeymoon spot!

  2. I want to Kayak down that river. Great Pic of You Two.

  3. Looking good! Both of you two and the view.