14 December 2014

As you might be starting to gather, life in and around Valdivia often revolves around water.  

People go skulling and kayaking on the rivers for enjoyment, typical food often includes fish, clams, or mussels, and there's also industry supported by the local waterways.  I think one of the craziest and coolest attractions in Valdivia is the shipyard just down the road from our house.  We don't know where these giant boats come from, but when it is time to retire a big ship, it shows up in our neighborhood.  The behemoth of a structure is then disassembled by lots of men with powerful tools.  Every couple of days another giant boat will be wheeled into the huge warehouses and piece by piece it is sawed apart and the scraps are sold.  

can you see the new/old boat in the photo below?

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