26 December 2014

The midwest can be bleak in winter.  The cornfields have been plowed under, the leaves have fallen off  of the trees and its cold.  Really cold.  We hurry from house to car to building to car to house without hardly taking a breath outside because its cold and dismal.  Seasonal depression is common.  So much so that it can induce hibernation, melancholy, general unfriendliness... or... the stealing of rice cookers.

But, luckily, for those traveling through Indiana, there's Elwood.  The center of Hoosierville.  Alight in all its glory.  Urging us all to twinkle through the muck.


  1. Good Old Elwood. Infamous for KKK and really bright lights. Oh yes, and really original street names like, "A", "B", "C", going east and west and "1", "2", "3", going north and south.

  2. It's rare that seasonal depression can lead to the stealing of rice cookers but not unheard of. Definitely a weird side effect!