04 January 2015

Its been nice to have a long weekend.  We successfully recovered from New Year's Eve and have spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday catching up with other friends, making more furniture and adventuring!  Yesterday we decided to check out the small town of Coral.  Its about a 20 minute drive from Valdivia to the ferry which you then have to take to cross the river.  From what we glimpsed, Coral seems to be a very sleepy little town.  We saw a lot of sheep and not too many people.  We drove around the riverside town until the road follows the estuary, where the river opens up to the great big sea.  Along the way we saw some folks collecting and drying algae for sale, and we saw countless farms with humble little homes with million dollar views.  Farm, after farm, after farm with private beaches and cows grazing along the Pacific Ocean.  Apparently, happy cows live in Chile.


  1. I will work for food. I clean boats, carry water, whatever.

  2. It is very nice, everyone must come visit!