15 January 2015

We were famished.  We had been looking for a place to stop for lunch for over an hour.  I was getting feisty.  Hanger was setting in.  And then we saw the beach from afar!  It was a perfect picnic spot.  We found a place to park the car and then hiked across the blazing sand.  The waterfront sure looked closer from the road.  We passed funny grasses that looked thirsty, we slid down the sand and struggled up the other side.  Finally we saw the water in all its blue, sparkly glory.  We dared to dip our toes in just to find that it was practically ice.  So we sat, soaked up a bit of sun, at our sandwiches, and watched the black dolphins (or baby orcas??) playing in the surf.


  1. When I saw the first picture I thought You were back in Saudi?

  2. Do you all have Dall's porpoise down there? They look like black dolphins and little orcas :-)