16 February 2015

So... we had a slightly ridiculous weekend.

Friday night we got wild and went out with some friends for beers and sandwiches.  Good conversation and laughs about expat life in Chile had us leaving the bar well past my bedtime.  Around midnight we strapped our helmets back onto our heads and zoomed out into the night, cycling with the stars overhead and the chilly breeze on our faces.  Arriving home exhausted and tipsy we went straight to bed.  

Little did we know that some other friends had called us during the evening.  When Pablo finally checked his phone and returned the call Saturday morning, mid-grocery shopping, we were soon presented with an offer that we just couldn't turn down.  They said, "In ten minutes we're leaving for the lake, do you want to go?"  Rather than asking for details we just said yes and high-tailed it out of the store, back home, rapidly fed the chickens, and threw some clothes and swim suits into a bag.

We had a wonderful time.  We water skied, and kayaked, swam in cold (!) water, and danced to weird music until 3am.  Here you can see a glimpse of the weekend.  In our rushed departure I forgot my camera!  The photos here are the few we took with Pablo's phone.

roadtrip!  volcanoes in the distance!

oh ya know, just another cowboy on the side of the highway


  1. How beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  2. I can't wait to check out all the sites. They all look so pretty!

  3. WOW, what great scenes.

  4. Miss you and Pablo. Love, M