28 October 2015

The great Andes Mountains separate Chile from Argentina. Because of this, there are only a handful of passages between the two countries. Our route took us to the los Lagos Region of Chile where we were able to take a ferry across one of the region's many lakes to get us closer to the Argentinian side.  We drove our cars onto the ferry and then relaxed as a few hours as we passed through beautiful scenery. The lake was bright blue and surrounded by snow-capped mountains on either side. We wound our way through the long lake and were passed by just one other boat. The weather was perfectly sunny to warm us despite the cold mountain breeze. We made it safely to the other side, just a few kilometers from the border crossing. 

Those yellow bushes are so pretty, too bad their an invasive species :(


  1. Wow, that is Beautiful !

  2. Beautiful is the girl on the left side of the second last photo :)