10 January 2016

Final photos from our New Years trip.

We had a great time, the place where we stayed was beautiful, we were accompanied by good friends, we had brought along some delicious treats to share... there was only one little thing, or maybe not so little thing, that disturbed the perfection of our trip. The Coliguacho. I quickly discovered that these inch-long bastards turn me into a crazy person. Or as a friend recently told me, Coliguachos bring out the worst in people.

On the first day of the new year, we opened our tent, Pablo set out to make some breakfast, and he quickly returned asking for an extra shirt to tie around his head. He said, "Uh... Preciosa... there seem to be some flies." I turned to look at him and saw hundreds of giant flies swarming him! It was a frightful site for the first morning of 2016. In the end, it turns out that the Coliguacho buzz is worse than its bite. While they can nick you through your clothes, the real terror that these guys bring is the incessant buzzing in your ear as they fly around you, land on your shoulder, and provoke a stressfully anticipated bite.

Some propose that there are remedies to deal with the flies... sit around a burning pile of cow patties, cover your body in masking tape, spray various commercial insect repellents, or kill the fly and suck out its sweet innerds... it seems that the most effective way to avoid these annoying creatures is to just avoid hanging out near fresh bodies of water for the two or so weeks every summer during Coliguacho season. As such, we returned home on the afternoon of the 1st. 

Kimbal loves to swim!

what a nice photo, no? let's take a closer look....

its a bird, its a beast, no! its a coliguacho!

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  1. What a beautiful spot...except for the darn FLY's. Not really comparable, but the Virgin Islands have "the Christmas Winds" which can be quite annoying. Seems everywhere has something.