21 January 2016

Out of office message: We're on a Piure hunt. Will return at the end of the month.

We left Valdivia on the 16th, and since that time we've collected several hundred of the smelliest beasts that roam the sea. Pyura chilensis is an ascidian (sea squirt) that, while pungent, is readily eaten by Chileans and other crazy people. As a local fishery, we hope to better understand how connected are distant populations. Do Valdivian piures produce babies that repopulate stocks farther north? As such, for two weeks we are out on the road in search of piure. We pester fishermen, we snorkel in murky ports, we dive in algae forests, we put tiny pieces of tissue into tubes, we drink a lot of beer, we watch the sunset. All for the piure. 

See you in a few weeks with reports of the trip.

We think we should ask Escudo to sponsor us.

Guess who's working with us?? Los Frenchies! Erwan and Vale moved to Valdivia! Now they get to wash wetsuits and label tubes too!

Not such a bad job...


  1. I like Pablo's hair cut! Happy Piure collecting!

  2. Did Jacquie cut Pablo's hair ? What is Piure? Is it Fish, Sponge, Coral, Plant? I really don't think that is something that will get any where near my mouth.