22 February 2016

Last night we returned from five days of fun in the sun.

The plan had been for the family to all go to Rio Cedro together, but with rampant cases of Zika in the region, we opted for another destination. An uncle was nice enough to lend us his new finca near Bolombolo, and might I say, we were not disappointed with the accommodations. 

Finca San Felipe is located a few hours from Medellin in tierra caliente. As our road curved along at ever sharper angles, we marveled at the surrounding mountains that despite being dry due to El Nino seem to be beautifully carved from ancient volcanos. As we moved further and further from the city, the urban sprawl gave way to cattle and coffee farms. 

The majority of our time in San Felipe was spent cooling off in the pool just catching up on the lives of our family members. I am not sure if this is just a Latino attribute, or if this is a family specific phenomena that transcends cultural boundries, but it seems that ample time for conversation and interaction are all that is really needed to forge bonds. You don't need to ride every ride in Disney World, or climb the Eiffel Tower to better understand your brother in law. You don't need to go to a gourmet restaurant to catch up with your parents. You will not know your sister's boyfriend better in Alaska than you will in your own city. All you need is time together. Time to recount the last year, or memories of childhood. Time to joke, and time to laugh. Even time for long silences. 

every family has one that always makes the others laugh!

we drank pina coladas and danced in the rain!


  1. Looks like a tremendous time to restore and relax. I love the fact that You Danced in the rain. Is the rain and a Wedding a Family tradition? What Fabulous views.