05 February 2016

Snorkeling in ports and cutting up slimy creatures on the back of your truck is generally a good way to get attention.

I am very sad that I didn't get a picture of all of the people that we talked to along our trip. There were gnarly fishermen that gave us tips, wrinkly old villagers that gripped at us, and heaps of curious and confused onlookers. Apparently, its not everyday that a piure hunter comes to your neighborhood.

The photos shown here are from the less famous side of Zapallar, the mansion-strewn beach town, getaway for the rich and famous. Unlike most other people there, we weren't drinking pisco sours in an infinity pool, but we did very much enjoy a swim in the clean little port and met some very helpful members of the artisanal fishing union. Two thumbs up for Zapallar!

took a stroll through the fish market!

everyone being silly while getting ready... there's just something about neoprene...

can you see our little safety float? snorkeling for piure...

great bird shots by Erwan!

letting Pablo and Vale do the work while we goof off!


  1. Apparently the Boat Rope advice was good advice. Looks like rough terrain ?

  2. Did you eat piure