08 February 2016

We are recovering from a recent French invasion!

Besides Erwan and Vale moving to Valdivia, Pierre and Laura, other friends from France, visited this past weekend! The rendezvous could not have been more timely with February being the height of summer vacation in Chile. The warm days and cool nights had us relishing time spent outside. We played in the river, hiked in the forest, tasted weird empanadas while watching the fog roll off the coast. We learned of the secret to pisco sour and the joy of sitting around with good friends that we don't often get to see.

Like the nectar of the ripe melons that we have shared with guests, this summer has seemed particularly sweet. We have settled into life in this new land, and rather than fight the seasons to align ourselves with other hemispheres, we have taken on a local rhythm. Here, summer is meant to be savored. It is a time to get outdoors and enjoy the livelihood that so many months of rain bring. February is the holiday month in Chile, and this year, we too are disconnecting, locking the office door, and going outside to play.

finding a cool spot of shade

admiring big trees

bonne cuisine!

pisco sours and late night discussions in three languages...


  1. Good for You...locking the office door and going outside. Good Friends, Good food, good Life