27 June 2016

Just a few days after our anniversary retreat, Pablo headed off to Hawaii for a conference and I stayed to hold down the fort. While I do think that I have coped quite well in his absence... despite cursing winter and my wood-burning stove more than once... I am excited for his return! With sharing a home, car, and professional life, we are usually together about about 95% of the time. Perhaps unlike most modern couples, we commute together, we eat three meals a day together, we cook together, we plot to kill our cat together, you get the picture. And although that can cause its own kind of strain, being apart is disorienting. There are positives... like no tools or bits of paper strewn around the house, no one to tell you to pick up your mess, quiet, the couch all to yourself... but those certainly do not out weigh the negatives. There's nothing like having your best friend by your side.

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  1. MY GOSH Emily, those photographs are beautiful ! And I wept.