29 July 2016

It always surprises me how green Indiana is in summer.

This part of the country that is not often visited by tourists, passerbys, or much of anyone besides the local residents, is a brilliant emerald in summer. The long, hot, humid days with afternoons scattered with rain showers keep the foliage lush; you can feel the transpiration. I look out my window and the well-established suburban neighborhood could almost be mistaken for a jungle; so much so that wild creatures, furry and otherwise, make it nearly impossible to harvest much from a backyard garden.

Summer in Indiana is the time when everything goes wild. Children are released from the over-scheduled confines of school and break forth to run and play at camp. In the evening, the buzz of insects creates a cacophony that can only be silenced by bats swooping overhead. Birds have returned from the south, searching for seeds and mates, while chipmunks create havoc. Even adults are enticed by summer to leave work early to play.

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  1. It is sooo good to see You Two playing and having fun.

    1. Playing tetherball is actually Pablo and Molly but we all had a lot of fun! Pablo got whupped by a 10 year old!