24 September 2016

Here are some final photos from the weekend in Rupanco. 

After constant rain all day on Saturday, we woke up Sunday morning to clear blue skies. Southern Chile is so strange in that way, one moment its bleak and gray as Medieval England, the next moment its a sparkling emerald. The sun seemed to motivate everyone out of their slumber, and soon the kitchen was full of bodies bustling about to prepare all sorts of goodies for breakfast. Following the southern tradition, we had a full spread complete with farm-fresh eggs, bread, cheese, toppings of all sorts, and even a tropical-inspired smoothie. With bellies full, we embarked upon the day like one big family, ready to take a peak into the lake and awe at the surrounding volcanoes. 

Thanks everyone for such a great time!

Christian, ever with a net!
Maryse finding treasures...
Happy Lobo!
baby nalca sprouting this Spring!
girls having fun!

Thank you Erwan for your photos (9,15,16)!!


  1. looks like the doggies are enjoying themselves, much like the Humans.

  2. Looks so beautiful! Hello spring in Chile!