11 September 2016

Spring has sprung!

The weather is now nice more often than not. We still have days or even weeks of rain and cold temperatures, but we also have more and more sunny warm days. From now until March, the frequency of nice days will just keep increasing... and with that, so will the number of social gatherings! 

Last weekend we took advantage of a particularly spectacular Sunday and hosted our first ever Sancocho. While the typical nice-weather food in Chile is barbecue, we thought that we would make homage to Pablo's culture by serving this typical colombian soup. We borrowed an industrial sized pot from some friends, scoured Valdivia for yucca and fresh corn, and made a wood-burning fire while we enjoyed the warm spring sunshine. The soup was delicious, though I will admit, no Sancocho will beat the one we enjoyed the day after our wedding. The day was wonderful, though. I can't wait for more to come!

neighborhood we are hoping to move to!
dogs are also loving the sun!
belly is getting bigger!
que cocinero tan hermoso!
Sancocho trimmings

 practicing with baby Vigo!
 another recent gathering at Erwan and Vale's house
 who knew a two year old could be so skeptical
above the clouds in Chavelita


  1. Vigo isn't too sure about you. But baby-girl Giles Saenz is just swimming right along!
    Yum on the sancocho!

  2. looks like Great grub, and lots of it ! Vigo looks pretty comfortable with Pablo.