31 October 2016

Happy Halloween! I think these teeny tiny fish photos + mad scientist are about as spooky as they come. 

One evening, Erwan decided that it would be a great idea if we all enjoyed the sunset together while trying to catch guppies from intertidal pools. The fun of this adventure was maximized with massive waves crashing into the coast, giving everyone a nice little unexpected spray from time to time. After a few minutes of worthless effort, Pablo and I found a nice dry spot to sit back and laugh at our friends being soaked and dominated by such minuscule fish. In the end, it was a great evening. Vale might have a new calling as a tiny fish hunter.

someone really likes guppies...
looking a bit dehydrated from a fatal ethanol bath, but still the colors are magnificent!
name of photo: still life with guppies

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  1. The initial photo's are quite deceiving. They look pretty ferocious.