22 October 2016

So why were we on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific for the past two weeks?

Erwan needed some fish... and not the delicious fresh tuna that we made into ceviche, tartar, and curry... no, the tiny little colorful endemics that can only be found in Rapa Nui. His current research project is devoted to understanding how these fish have ended up in Easter Island. So, we grit our teeth and signed up for two weeks in paradise. 

After some snafus with paperwork, permits, and the Chilean Navy, we finally sorted out the tramites so that the divers could get in the water and start hunting. Meanwhile, I (not diving due to the growing babe inside of me) made friends with fishermen and snorkeled in Hanga Roa's protected coastal pools. 

All in all, the trip was a success! Last weekend we returned to Valdivia with nice sun tans and a cooler full of frozen fish!

planning the first dive
processing the samples


  1. Beautiful Colors on the Fishies.

    1. And they're even more beautiful under the water when they're still alive!