25 November 2011

- my family. even if they are on the other side of the world.  thank you for supporting me through every thing and every crazy adventure
- my friends, both here and far away.  thank you for continuing to be there 
- my body.  thank you for getting me to where i need to go.  thank you for the swim in the pool that i just enjoyed
- furry friends.  the unconditional love is just what i am looking for after a long day... the smelly messes are not
- airplanes.  i curse your small seats, but without you, how would i see the world?
- christmas music that is now playing in my head
- sunny warm days in November
- pumpkin pie.  i have officially made 4 this season
- my good friend who drove all over Jeddah to find me a Turkey for last night
- that damn giant Turkey.  you were oh so tender.  everybody loved you
- that grocery cart in my apartment building.  how else would i have gotten the Turkey to Mike's house on the other side of the neighborhood?
- my bike.  sailing through the night breezes.  i must get her fixed
- sunsets.  i must not forget you.
- the sea, for giving me a job and being so mysterious
- so many other things.  i am thankful for you everyday.

Happy Holidays!

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