26 November 2011

taking my bird for a stroll

...laughing too hard to focus on that damn bird...

One 15lb turkey, 3 loaves of bread worth of stuffing, 7 pie crusts, 2 pumpkin pies, 1 bridge pie, 1lb pound of corn, 1lb of peas, and 32 servings of green bean casserole were made by me... with the help of my sous chef.  Friends contributed baked sweet potatoes, curried sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, twice baked potatoes, spinach soufflé, biscuits, two types of cranberry sauce, two apple pies, a carrot cake, a chocolate cake, Natilla, a veggie try, and one very stinky cheese.

A friend was nice enough to host the Feast at his place, but an hour before the guests were to arrive I realized, "How are we going to get the Turkey to Mike's house?"  Luckily, my golden chariot presented itself... in the form of a sequestered shopping cart!  So, we loaded the sweet birdie into the cart and took her on a nice stroll around the neighborhood.  I think that 15 minutes of fresh air were what made her so tender and delicious.... or perhaps my sister's amazing recipe (THANK YOU for the Thanksgiving Day Recipe Binder For All Things Thanksgiving Worthy, I couldn't have done it without you).

It was a great holiday, even if, we don't get the Macy's Day Parade in this country and even if I didn't get to share the day with all of you.  I hope your Thanksgiving was equally fulfilling

ps... I don't know how these ladies (here, here, and here) take such amazing photos of their creations.  I did not even remember to take a single photo until the food was mostly demolished.  Cooking Thanksgiving dinner takes a lot of concentration!

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