22 December 2011

christmas travels

December 21st lasted for about 32 hours for me given the time changes during my trip home.  Needless to say, it was a long day!  Thirteen hours stuck on a 747 with hundreds of Saudis (each family with at least 12 children under the age of 6) left me feeling a little less than festive, but I made it safely, and now I am HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

Around October I had great intentions of sending Christmas cards this year.  October turned into November and November turned into December and the next thing I know, its three days before Christmas!  So, sorry, the above image will have to serve as my e-card this year!

Happy Holidays

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  1. So true (the picture that is). And Happy Holidays for you as well.

    Followed, hope you don't mind. And maybe some day you'll visit me.