06 January 2012

Balloons, Fireworks, and Resolutions

My week was so jam packed that its already the 6th and I haven't said HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I am not one for formalizing resolutions.  I think you should live you life day to day how you want and change it when it needs changing, not just in January.  BUT... one resolution I will make is to one day return to Colombia for another New Years celebration.

It is a Paisa (ie people from Medellin) tradition to make globos (mini hot air balloons) out of tissue paper for celebrations like birthdays and New Years.  I watched as the primos carefully folded the thin tissues and glued them together using homemade paste made from harina de yuca.  A ball of cotton was then attached with wire to the tissue globe.  The cotton was carefully lit as the family held the orb as it filled with rising hot air.  The globos are beautiful.  They can be all shapes, sizes and colors.  They fly like glowing fairy lanterns above the trees and roof tops.

In between the globos and food and dancing, the boys would get that 12 year old gleam in their eyes and all decided to set off some voladores, or fireworks.  The small casing of explosives is attached to a long wooden stick.  The tail is lit while the brave hold the stick until, wwwwwiiissshhhhh!  The little flyer bursts into the air in a glowing streak.  

New Years 2012 was all things pyrotechnic.  I hope the rest of the year brings as much excitement!

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