07 January 2012

ten kilos of love

I am pretty sure I gained about 10 kilos this holiday.  And I don't care!  Breakfasts over looking the mountains.  Arepas (think thick corn tortilla), quesito, huevos, chorizo, and a big glass of frothy chocolate to wash it down.  Lunches... in case you were not full enough from breakfast...  Ajiaco, famous with the Rolos, or soup made from three kinds of potatoes boiled in salty broth.  Add some crema and aguacate... perfection.  For dinner, when not eating Paella (that deserves a blog post all of its own), how about ceviche, smoked salmon, roast beef, sausages, championes, and mozarella?

And all of it was homemade.  The cow, pig, and fish were bought whole, killed, chopped, smoked, roasted, salted, pickled, and made into sausage.  The cheeses were formed and canned or aged.  The corn for the arepas was grounded, mixed, and cooked.  The fruits for the jellies came from the trees outside the door.  It was all done in one house.  With love.  And it was delicious.

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