13 January 2012

El Metro Cable

The paisas are very proud of their recently built public transportation system.  Not only does the city have an impressive subway (that you are not even allowed on if you look too dirty!), but it also has a metro gondola.  Medellín is located in the valley of two mountains, so as the city expands, the only place to go is up.  Many of the poorer barrios are located in the hills.  Previous to the construction of the Metro Cable, residents of these highland areas had to take dangerous buses (or walk!) up and down the mountain.  With a 1,300ft elevation change, this would be a serious commute to work.  Now, the Cable serves as an affordable and safe mode of transit for locals and tourists alike.

We took Line K from Acevedo to Santo Domingo.  Unfortunately, due to all of the people on vacation, we were not able to take Line L the rest of the way up the mountain to the national park, Parque Arvi.  (Though, we were still able to view the new community library with its impressive red bridge).  It was apparent how valued green spaces are when hundreds of people will stand in line for hours just to take a ride up to the park!

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