14 January 2012

Jardín Botánico

Remember learning all those names of tropical trees and plants and bugs?  One million Species Reports.  You CIEE'ers know what I am talking about, but I bet you probably forgot a lot of those Anicardiaceae, Myrtaceae, Musaceae, and every other freakin'-aceae that we learned.  Well might I suggest you go check out Jardín Botánico Medellín.  Throughout the park there are little signs on the trees to remind you the genus, species, and common Colombian name!  Besides the awesomely nerdy biology lessons on every tree, and the Orchid garden, and the must-play-no-matter-what-age-I-am fountains, and cool art exhibit featuring photos of renowned Latino writers (I like the one of Borges), the place is completely free to the public!  Got a long lunch break? Stop under a mango tree for a picnic. Time in between classes?  Check out the butterfly garden!

The place is super rad, and it is right inside the city!

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