11 February 2012

Mong Kok Street Artist #2

Among the millions of people, she sat so still and solemn.  With the honking of taxis, the exhaust of buses, and rumblings of so many conversations I felt like I could hardly hear myself think.  I was searching for the metro.  I needed to get myself out of there.  I was claustrophobic and overwhelmed.  Every nerve in my body said, run!

And then.  I turned the corner and heard something.  The conversations had turned to whispers.  The taxis weren't honking.  The buses were far away.  And drifting through the smoggy air was a very eery tune.  It sounded like hearts crying.  Or cool breezes trying to escape to greener lands.  People had stopped to watch.  A crowd had gathered.  I didn't feel like running, I wanted to hear her song.  I waited till the end and then I put my money in the bucket.

If you ever get the chance to hear someone play the Erhu, stop and listen.

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