10 February 2012

Hey Folks-

I would like to start a new trend of posting some interesting tid-bit of Science on Saturdays.  Saturday is the beginning of the work week where I live, and since I am a scientist, why not get the mind pumping instead of lingering on memories of the weekend?

So, without further ado, Today's bit of Science-

Did you ever think that someone was controlling your mind?  Well maybe not someone, but something. Perhaps you have a parasite!  Toxoplasma gondii is a little protozoan that can alter the connections between our neurons, thus changing how we act and think.  Scientists have found that men who are affected with this parasite are often more introverted, suspicious, and inclined to disobeying rules.  Women on the other hand, when harboring this little microbe, are found to be more outgoing, trusting, and rule abiding.  The parasite has been linked to all sorts of mental issues such including schizophrenia.  Pretty crazy, right?  That's what I thought when one of my friends sent me a link about this.  Check out more details here...  And the next time you start freaking out, perhaps its not your fault, perhaps its just that you have a little friend inside you changing how your think.

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