09 February 2012

Street Food

Have I eaten any weird food?  I have been asked this question a lot recently.  Being a vegetarian, I have avoided a lot of the stranger things that I have come across in Hong Kong.  This includes the meats-on-a-stick in every size shape and color, hunks of meats in steaming broth of who-knows-what, and even the donkey meat jerky that is hanging out in the lab "snack drawer." I have, however, sampled many of the various types of pastries that can be found on every street corner.  I tried the banana rice dough rolls, chewy and with the flavor of banana laffy taffy (pretty gross really), the giant white bun whose name in chinese means "stale white bread," and the Lotus pastries that have a preserved candied egg yolk inside (two thumbs up). As most foods in Hong Kong are labeled in Chinese, I have to say that I have no means to determine what something is until I put it in my mouth.  Perhaps I will have to take a sabbatical from my veg status and figure out what some of those mystery meats are...

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