22 May 2012

the road never ends unless you let it

Spain was great, really great.  The week back to work and back to Saudi was not so much fun.  It is starting to get really hot here.  I mean sticky, sweaty, at 8am.  I always find it is hardest living A. in the summer and B. when I am coming and going from here frequently.  I suppose that might be true of vacationing from anywhere, but here, in KSA, it seems that a "readjustment period" of at least three weeks is really necessary following a vacation abroad.  I guess it is just hard seeing the normal things that we miss out on here...

...that being said, I cringed my way through the week following the Spain trip and then I packed up my bags again and headed to Greece!


  1. I hear you on the heat. I feel like I'm melting every time I walk outside.

  2. i know! it is dreadful! I heard it is even worse in the east. Here the worst part is the humidity, it suffocates you!