25 May 2012

arrival: Santorini

After another awesome departure from Jeddah International at 3am, I spent a 10 hour layover in the beautiful Cairo airport.  Note to the World: if you find yourself with a long layover in Cairo (which you shouldn't because you should never ever ever fly with Egyptair), pay the 35 euros to get into the executive lounge.  Best 35 euros ever spent.  After a nap in the comfy oversized lounge chairs, a cappuccino, and a pain au chocolate, I headed to my gate and departed for ATHENS!  Several hours later, and a couple of This American Life episodes listened to, I was in Athens.  I waited another couple of hours for my connection to Santorini and one diet coke and a 30 minute flight later, I touched down and found myself in paradise.

I quickly grabbed a taxi to my hotel where my mom, sister, a bottle of wine, fresh fruit, and the caldera awaited me....

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  1. Oh my goodness. I think this is heaven. Fantastic photos. And what's your favorite TAL? I love the babysitting one! ;)