25 June 2012

Girl Friends

Girl friends.  Not girlfriends.  But I mean friends who are girls.  Women that you just really click with.  Ladies that you can tell your deepest, darkest, most horribly embarrassing secrets to and they still love you.  You can call them up at anytime and talk about what you feel.  You can grab a coffee or glass of wine (if you are lucky enough to live in the same town... or at least same continent) and just hang out.  You fly halfway around the world for each other's weddings.  You were there for the family troubles, and the boy troubles, and the "should I really buy these jeans trouble."  True girl friends are hard to come by, even more so when you are bouncing around the world.  

I was so fortunate enough to see two of my very best girl friends while I was back home a week and a half ago.  We have been friends for, I think, ever.   We went to lunch and dished about the happenings in our wild, 20- something lives.  We walked around beautiful bloomington and reminisced about the silly things we did at 16.  We got to stay in the first oh- so adult house any of us owns.  We beautified ourselves for the first Big Day, and then we all walked down the aisle as the first one of us got married to a really great man. 

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  1. Ok, I admit I am a softy...no not a soft shell turtle. "Girl friends" made the emotions swell up inside of me. I have some inclination as to how CLOSE the three of You are...I love You all