24 June 2012

must end posts on Greece!!!

Oh Greece!!! Why are you so beautiful, so picturesque?  I could probably write another 10 posts on Greece but I must really move on.  I have been back from Greece for over a month now and so many sweet things have happened in between but I just can't help continue to post about this beautiful country.  I think that Athens was just as amazing as Santorini just in a completely different way.  The ruins, the vibrance of the city, was a stark contrast to Santorini's quiet sea-strewn vibes.  I think my favorite part of Athens, though, (I know I should say the Parthenon, or the Acropolis, or the totally awesome historical museum) was the National Gardens.  Perhaps this is because I live in the middle of the desert where gardens must be watered ever 15 minutes so that measly little flowers don't wilt in the heat... but the greenery, the families playing with their dogs, grandmas on a stroll with the grandbabies, turtles crawling over grass, couples having espresso at a cafe, and the changing of the guards in front of the president's house, just makes the Gardens seem magical.

Thus ends posts on Greece.  tear.

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