03 June 2012

old stuff, really old stuff

One day in Santorini (any paragraph starting out like that doesn't really need to go any further but...), we three ladies went to Akrotiri, the excavation of the ancient Minoan civilization.  My mom and sister would really be better at writing this post (perhaps they could write a comment!!) as they know far more about history than I do, but you can just as easily check out what wikipedia has to say about this place.  It was a cool thing to do on a hot afternoon in Santorini.  Seeing the intricate pottery, little windows and ancient roads reminds you just how old this place is.  And though you might feel like the only person to ever see such beautiful sunsets, beaches, and calamaris, a lot of other people have experienced this too, like folks since 3200 BCE.  Let me tell you, that is a long time ago, like literally just after the Stone AGE!  Not joking.  

But go, go check out Akrotiri and imagine what it must have been like back then.  Imagine wearing one of those flowy goddess dresses and drinking wine out of hand-made pottery and perhaps eating some bread that was baked over a fire, and maybe, just maybe you would have been lucky enough to own something made out of bronze because that was the rad new technology of the day.  

So, switch off the iphone, and walk Akrotiri's streets like people have been doing for millennia.  

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  1. Before reading the caption, I was pretty sure that You had taken some pictures of my construction.