02 June 2012

Science on Saturday

Right so its been awhile since I've posted a science post and now thinking about it, Saturday is probably not the best day to dedicate my blog time to science considering it is the first day of the week for me and usually I get home after work feeling a bit annoyed in general with science.  But, alas, we will push on and get A little bit of Science on Saturday when the stars are aligned and its a nice day at work and by 5pm I am not pulling my hair out... today was one of those days....

What's going on in Science (followed by "wahaha!!" evil laugh)

synthetic DNA? = terrifying

Have a super weekend!  

also... if you're wondering where I find all of these links... when we, scientists, are bored at work and tried from running one million PCRs... ya we pass around these links for fun.  Some of the email commentary gets spectacular.

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