10 July 2012

guest post: elizabeth

Today's guest blogger is Elizabeth from One day I'll fly away.  Elizabeth is currently working as a teacher in Thailand.  She and her husband have had some pretty sweet adventures together so we are glad that she is visiting today!  Thank Elizabeth!

What makes my life so sweet? 
I am doing exactly what I want. I am so lucky to be able to travel and live abroad with my best friend and husband. Some people think you have to pick one path in life, settle down with someone or travel and be free. My journey has brought me across the world, living my sweet life with someone I can grow old with and remember back to when we were young and lived in a tiny one bedroom in Bangkok. I am doing exactly what I want with my life, with the person I want, no regrets or excuses! I work hard to be able to do what I want, sometimes I don't want to teach English any more and sometimes being with one person 24/7 is hard. That's what makes it so sweet though, we did it all on our own, from San Fran to Vietnam, we have been traveling together for 4 years and we make it work.

What sometimes makes your life a sticky, gooey mess?
Well beside the humidity in Thailand which makes me sweat like an overweight tourist (I will never get used to this humid weather!) it is usually me, thinking too much, that turns everything into melted chaos. I like to over analyze and over plan sometimes which usually puts me in a frustrated state of mind. Traveling in Asia has really taught me to let go and just live, everything will work out in the end.

When life gives you a flood, make a rope swing!

Visa issues while living abroad have tried making a super sticky mess but we made this work too... We are having a wedding in August but technically we are already husband and wife, visa situation - cleaned up! Doesn't get much sweeter than this!

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