11 July 2012

guest post: pablo

Today's guest blogger is someone very close to my heart.  Pablo is a biologist from Colombia who has been traveling the world studying Nemo fish.  He is a man that really had an appreciation for the little sweet things in life.  Thanks mi amor for sharing your thoughts!

When Em first asked me these two questions my first thought was “this should be pretty easy.” Then I started thinking about it, and I have realized that in fact, they are not trivial questions and not that easy to answer.  The good thing is that in the process of answering them, I realized that this was about rediscovering things about me that I never took the time to think about. Taking the time to do so has been a pleasant challenge. I’ll have to say that one unexpected surprise was that I found it much easier to think about life sweeteners than gooey messes. I still have not figure it out why that is, but it kind of made me feel good. So here are some of the things I came up with.

What sometimes makes your life feel like a sticky gooey mess?
-Forgetting things. Things I have to do, places I have to go, places were I have put things, and the worst of all, forgetting special occasions. Forgetting things is definitely the top one in my list of gooey messes of my life.
-Computers, especially when they brake down (and of course you forgot to do a backup), life becomes a really sticky gooey mess.
-Watching the news. Somehow they always manage to make you feel sad.
- Having a passport from a developing country with a bad reputation (means that you have to apply for Visas to go pretty much everywhere, and you are always a suspicious passenger at airports).

What makes your life sweet?
-Sharing a sunset by the ocean with that special someone (no matter how many you see, they are always kind of magic).
Saudi Arabia 2011
Papua New Guinea sunset 2009
-Unexpected encounters with wild creatures that manage to take your breath away for a few minutes (e.g. being visited by dolphins while diving has been one of those moments). 
Lizard Island, Australia 2009
-Smiles, honest smiling faces… kids are great doing this.
Sally in Papua New Guinea, 2009
-Meeting new friends, and meeting again with old ones.
-Cooking something nice for someone special. 
-To witness that after 35 years, true love can still be there.
Lucas y La Monita
- Dancing.
- A good film.
- Walking in a rainforest.
- Being in love.
-Travelling, discovering new cultures, people and places.
Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea 2011
- Celebrating christmas at home.
 Los Alumbrados en Medellín Colombia

I think I’ll stop here, but I will end by thanking Em for having asked these questions. The time I have spent thinking about them has definitely been a life sweetener.  


  1. That sunset picture is muy bonita!--molly

  2. wow beautiful sunsets, and love the dolphins!!

  3. yes, awesome sunsets in PNG!