12 July 2012

guest post: traveling triplets

Thank you Emily, for allowing us to add some triplet fun to your blog while you're saying hello to the koalas in Australia! We knew we liked you from the second we saw your blog title, Ice Cream Cone Life. What's not to love, we are all about it! 

We are Kylie, Lisa, and Megan, triplet sisters who love to explore and have fun. Feel free to stop by and pay us a visit here. Follow our adventures and learn a thing or two, or three, about life as a triplet who can't stop exploring!
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What makes your life sweet?

Kylie: My life is sweet because I get to share it with my two best friends - my identical triplet sissies. My husband is my #1, but my sisters have been with me since the beginning and I literally cannot go a day without them. They're always there for me when I need them - or even when I think I don't - to say the right thing or get under my skin. We know all the nooks and crannies of each other's personalities, which can be both a blessing and a huge inconvenience. It makes me happy to know that no matter what happens to me, in a sense we experience it all together because that's just how close we are. 

Lisa: Besides my favorite treat candy of course, my husband makes my life sweet. Simple and true. He is the light of my life and brings me never-ending joy. I would be a lost duckling without him and wouldn't laugh nearly as often. He brings me peace, support, adventure, security, love, kindness, and direction. He truly does make my life sweet, and I will never stop coming back for seconds. He is stuck with me forever!

Megan: My dog Jimmy gets me every time. He is the sweetest old man cocker spaniel you'll ever meet. I adopted him from a bad situation, and he has nothing but love to give. How can you not adore those freckles, long eye lashes, and curly ears? Jimmy is always by my side and down for anything. We're best friends.

What sometimes makes your life feel like a sticky gooey mess?

Kylie: I don't have a car. It's pretty difficult being a real grown up without having a car to hop into. It's a work in progress, but I must say in my current state this is my biggest downfall. My husband and I have a car but he uses it for work every day, so I'm pretty much immobile and dependent on others for a lot - and when that happens, things can get pretty weird pretty fast. I gotta say, though, although it's an inconvenience it sure could be a lot worse! 

Lisa: Seriously, the first thing that came to mind was this Hawaii humidity. Realistically, I would have to say overdoing myself. I am a very organized person and have a daily list of things to do for that specific day, down to the times. Whether it's errands, grocery shopping, cleaning, work, adventures, or fun with friends and family I have a plan that I try to stick to. I like to be busy, but if I overbook my schedule I get overwhelmed and go a little nuts. Thank goodness I have a husband who keeps me sane and an ocean to help me forget 'bout it.

Megan: I work from home running a couple online businesses. I consider this a great blessing, but sometimes I feel sort of trapped. I'm inside all day on my computer with an endless list of things to make. People assume since I work from home I have all the time in the world, but even with all that time I'm still not accomplishing all I wish I was and I can't pin point exactly why. I need to write things down and set aside times to get things done, or else I could easily spend the day in my pajamas without interacting with anyone besides the occasional mail man and my dog. Ha! 


  1. so fun! love this! thanks for having us emily :) we enjoyed doing this. have fun on your trip!!

  2. Aww. This is cute. You guys do such a great job on your blog and it's great to get to know you a little better... well through the internet!
    Keep up the good work :)


    1. thank you so much lauren, that was so sweet of you we appreciate it :) happy to have you following us!!