16 July 2012


Hey Folks, well I am back... 'eh kinda.  I am actually still in Cairns and have hardly left this little town except for a brief trip to Port Douglas.  In fact, in the past five-or-so-days I have hardly left my hotel room.  Last, Thursday (the day of my presentation!!!), I came down with a pretty horrible fever and what I would later find out to be is a respiratory infection (thanks Cairns 24hour Medical Clinic).  I am now on loads of Panadol, antibiotics, and decongestants.  And yes, Mom, I am drinking lots of fluids.  I am starting to feel better but to be honest, I am just really ready to go home.  I fly back to Saudi-land tomorrow, hamdulilah.

Unfortunately this trip has turned out to be more of a sticky mess than something sweet and I am pretty bummed out about that.  A girl doesn't go to Australia everyday and I soooo had my hopes set on meeting up with Koalas, Kangaroos, and Wombats.  But, one good thing that has come from all of this sneezying-coughing-feverish stuff, is that I know there is at least one person out there that really cares about me.  Someone that was willing to give up his fun-in-the-sun vacation time to take me to the doctor, sit with me while I slept, and get me more medicine.  Thanks mi amor.

Thank you again to all of my guest bloggers!  It was a lot of fun having you, please visit again!


  1. Oh no seester! I'm sorry you're sick. I wish we could just watch HP on the couch until you got better! Love you, the elder

  2. So sorry to hear this. Will you still be able to go to Fiji? Did you get it on the flight over there? Love ACPRB

  3. I guess we will have to go there in the future. Australia that is.