06 July 2012

headed down under

Greetings Everyone-

Right now I am en route to Australia!!!  I will be hanging out around Cairns for the next 2ish weeks while attending the International Coral Reef Symposium.  I am super stoked to meet up with lots of marine biology folks but I am also very nervous because this is the first BIG conference I am attending and I have to give a presentation.  yikes!  Hopefully, it goes well and I don't freak out on stage.

While I am gone, I have lined up some awesome guest bloggers to share a little bit about their lives.  I consider Ice Cream Cone Life as a space for me to share my life with the world and I think all of us know that life can be very sweet but also, at times, sticky and messy and just difficult.  Thus, I have asked several guests (super rad bloggers and friends and family) to share what makes their life sweet, and what sometimes makes their life a bit sticky.

Please give my guests a lot of love <3

See you in two weeks!!!



  1. Ah lucky you - Cairns is beautiful! Good luck with the presentation!


  2. Good luck on ya! Be safe. Love mom

  3. I am going to Shipshewana next week...that's almost as cool as Cairns.

  4. Cairns & surroundings is great, you'll have a blast! Good luck at the conference! :)