06 July 2012

snippets of life over the past two weeks

It has been a busy past two weeks since I got back home to KSA.  It is now July and hotter than ever here.  It is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day and steamy at 7:50am when I ride my bike to work.  In the past weeks I have taken more trips to Jeddah than I would have liked, lost luggage, passport renewal, and veterinary appointments have kept me busy.  I did make time, though, to take Gordo for a walk and to attend my second Saudi Wedding.  The event started at midnight and I didn't get home until 5am!  It seems it is the season for weddings!  In the past week I have also had my very first ride on a motorcycle!  Previously, I had never even ridden a scooter, it was a bit scary but exhilarating... even if we did just drive around the neighborhood :)

Anyways, it has been really nice to be in my own home for a little while and take some time to re-evaluate and get my life together.  Tomorrow VERY early in the morning I leave again, this time, headed east for a Coral Reef Conference!  Whoot, whoot!  more details to come....

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