25 August 2012

Jeddah --> Arusha, Tanzania via Ethiopia

Who knew that Ethiopia was so green, and so cold?  Turns out it is at the Addis Ababa international airport in August.  We were pretty shocked when we departed the plane and were hit with a cold moist breeze.  If you ever find yourself stranded at the Addis Ababa airport, I highly recommend that you stop at the single transit cafe for what might be the worlds best Waffle.  The mysterious Ethiopian woman hand pours them and they go so nicely with a warm coffee and a healthy dose of people watching.  

I would also give two thumbs up to Ethiopian Air.  The flights were more or less on time and using some of the older model planes, there was actually enough space to stretch out the legs!  

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  1. i would have expected the Ethopian Airline seat to be very narrow...probably not politically correct