25 August 2012

Mada'in Saleh

So to finish up the re-tell of the trip to Al Ula, the real reason we drove 6 hours into the desert was to see Mada'in Saleh.  These ancient tombs built by the Nabatean, are the Saudi version of Petra.  We walked/ drove around the many tombs and even ventured into some of them to check out the burial racks.  While we did have to wait for the security guard to let us into the park, there was virtually no regulation once inside.  We could explore the ruins as we pleased.  It was a pretty crazy place really.  Many Saudis will not visit this place as it is rumored to be cursed/ haunted/ evil.  I have to say that when the wind started to pick up and the sand would blow about, I felt a little shiver myself, the place just seemed too quiet.  Too lost, too lonely.

I hope one day soon I will get to check out Petra!  

ps... you all should be happy to know that I made it back safe and sound from Tanzania, many stories are coming soon!  stay tuned!


  1. yes, I am glad that You returned safely from Tanzania

  2. I was just going to say that it looks a lot like Petra. So incredibly what they were able to carve out of stone.