15 November 2012

dinner from the marché

Perhaps this isn't that big of a deal for those of you that live in the rest of the world, but if you have ever lived in the Middle East you will know that the produce we get here, just ain't good.  The mushrooms go bad in two days, the lettuce is a bit wilty when you buy it, the tomatoes are always hard, no matter how long you let them sit on the counter.  When everything has to be shipped in, the quality just goes way down.

So, one of my favorite parts of our stay in Paris was going to the market, buying fresh things, and taking them back to our little apartment to cook.  We bought a bottle of wine, a handful of golden mushrooms, some pasta, beautifully plump tomatoes, basil, and entirely too much cheese and voilà (!) delicious dinner for two!


  1. Such a cute cheese shop! I'll bet you were salivating! :) M

    1. we probably spent at least an hour in that shop trying to figure out which types of cheese to try!