21 November 2012

silliness at the Panthéon

One of my favorite things that we saw in Paris was the Panthéon.  We had been walking, walking, walking all day and my legs seriously felt like they were going to fall off.  I was about to tell Pablo that enough was enough, let's take the metro home, but I held my tongue because this was one place in Paris that he hadn't been, so I really wanted him to get to see something new too.  And then, as he was trying to figure out the (insert four letter word here) map on his iphone, we turned a corner, and there it was!  This really big, imposing building just peaking out between the rows of apartments.  We got there right around sunset and there weren't too many other people there.  We enjoyed the brisk evening hanging out at the Panthéon, watching the young couples kissing and we took silly photos, though we apparently couldn't get the auto-focus to work.  For some reason, the Pantheon just seemed intimate and sweet and everyone there seemed to be having a really good time, it was worth the effort :)

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