22 November 2012

Yes, there is Thanksgiving even in Saudi Arabia.  We had quite a panic when, by Tuesday, our one grocery store hadn't received it's shipment of turkey.  But good ol' Tamimi pulled through and we had not one, but two 9.5 kilo turkeys by Thursday.  So, we put one bird on the barbecue and one in the oven and after five hours, the guests started arriving and all 30+ of us enjoyed a true Thanksgiving dinner complete with 5 kilos of mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, two apple pies, two pumpkin pies, corn, salads, sweet potatoes of two varieties and the Polish even brought some pierogis!  It was a feast of epic proportions.


  1. Because of my teaching background..."and the Polish even bough some Pierogi (no "s"). We all of course know that Pierogi is plural. Having said that; what were the Pierogi stuffed with? Hurry Home 1 month until Christmas.
    Love Dixie

  2. Good looking birdie Em, can't wait to hear how it tasted! Love M