23 December 2012

guest post: Aly

Hey all-
Our next guest post is from my very own little sister, Aly.  In between studying for her semester finals, Aly put together this little post about what makes her life sweet and what, at times, makes it a bit of a hot mess.  Thanks for joining Small Fry!

Well, like every college student, the stress of school always puts a damper on things. Ending every day in the library is not fun. I might as well move in to the library at this point, but I expect rent would be much too high. Another aspect of my life that causes it to be a mess at times is distance. Growing up, we’re accustomed to being around all of those that we love. But, being in college takes that away from you. Its hard being far from my mom when I’m in need one of her hugs, its hard trying to catch up via email with my sister who is in another continent, and its especially hard when all I have left to eat is a box of noodles… 
 But distance is also one of the things that makes my life sweet. Being far from each other is hard, but once we are reunited it makes being together even more special. As my mom always says “Distance makes the heart fonder.” If I wouldn’t have come to college away from my home town, I never would have met all of my amazing friends here.  These new friends are always just around the corner to add some sweetness to my life. In addition to my friends, some of the sweetness in my life is, unfortunately, seasonal. Like almost every other Wawasee-an, I am much happier on the lake. Although I love snow and Christmas.. I belong in the water, with my puppy, under the sun. Summer is by far my happiest season of each year. Having all of my closest friends home from school, and no stress of school makes living easy, and life sweet. 

Distance is bittersweet, but I know that the ones I love, no matter how far, will always be there to keep my life full of sweetness.

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  1. Thanks little sis!! I really love this post :)