26 December 2012

guest post: Barbara

Hi! i'm Barbara and I blog over  no puedo nadar . My passions are traveling, eating and taking pictures!

I would like to thank Em for asking me to be part of her blog, i really loved the idea.
So here are the two questions.

What makes your life sweet?

My love makes my life sweet. He's my special one, my favorite person. I love having him by my side. He gives me peace and love.

My two frenchies, they are my babies. Billy is pretty old now, he's nine years old and it makes me sad. Bimba is the new adding to the family and she's one and a half years old.
osos Bimba

Eating. I think this year we have gained some weight. Food is definitely one of the best things in the world in my opinion.
perrito faldero junk club mama framboise cupcakes chuches

Also traveling makes my life sweet! So far this year I have been to eight different cities with my love, living adventures and taking pictures.

here you can see some pictures of Sintra, Lisboa, Olite, Córdoba and Consuegra

What, at times, makes your life a sticky mess?

I think that what makes my life a sticky mess is me. I'm a nervous person and I usually tend to over analyze and worry too much about silly things and then I get frustrated. I'm working on it though, taking things easy and relaxing a little bit.



  1. thanks emily for letting me being part of your blog!

    1. Thanks Barbara for sharing!! I love the picture of the candy, I could live on candy alone :)

  2. Your map reminds me of Amsterdam

  3. Such a sweet post! Both literally and figuratively. Enjoy the new year.

  4. I'm a little like that too.. I say I'm a perfectionist :)

    - Laura